Aug 2, 2011

I guess google says, I'm no longer Morganna! LOL

For some reason, my blogger name is now my full name! HA! Oh well, I put my full name on here anyway for the sake of my art. But, I figured I'd let people know its me, Morganna making these comments on here!

Of course, I don't like to be forced into anything like this. Everyone who knows me knows I'm Morganna anyway, and the other way around, but...ugh, an aggravating surprise.  

Because I had trouble switching my account over to my new gmail address, not all of the forwarded emails are coming through right, so I'm switching to the dreaded captcha DUN DUN DUN!

I really hate to do that, but with the big move to Dayton, and all the bad stuff. I don't want to talk about it. Been bad around here, real bad, The comment moderation went by the way side. I hope the spam doesn't slip its way through, so I'm giving the other way a shot again.
Been back painting again, but slow going, and getting some things done with zazzle. I'll keep you all posted, but I'm a little behind with everything. Correction, I'm allot behind on everything. Heh! 

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