Feb 9, 2011

Want art advice? Lose time with EmptyEasel


Empty Easel screen shot


The empty easel is so awesome, that when you first visit, it really will render your easel empty. This is because you will be at this site scratching deep within the archives, soaking the information in.

I’ve been checking it daily on my RSS reader ever since the first time I found it. And I literally dug way back looking for what I might of missed. How often do you find a place like that?

*opens trench coat* IF you want it, they got it! Its got art tutorials, business advice, blogging advice, selling advice, debate and opinion, interviews, you name it, and it’s all related to art.

However there is a down side to Emptyeasel besides the fact that you can drop an entire day there. Also, there is no way to interact with an article. Not that I do this often but, I enjoy reading comment strings, even really long ones. Not only that, but sometimes golden information can be dug out of the comment hole.

Oh the upside if you click on the writers name, most times it will take you to their blog, where most of the time the writer has posted their article on their site too! Comment strings are like digging up juicy bits of gossip, or being a fly on the wall for me. This site makes up for it in awesomeness, so its really only a minor gripe. At some point they probably raged and pulled their hair out from comment spam like I have. This HAS to be the reason!

If you are an information hoarder like I am, you have to see this site.

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kateri said...

I have to check this out!! Yeah, like I don't already waste too much time on the computer! Anyway, maybe you remember me from the ATC sites...cdraz, ceedee, katerbears??