Feb 26, 2011

A simple plan to eventual success.

Failure is only possible if you give up.

I don’t plan on giving up, I enjoy what I do. True, I probably flog myself a little too much, and I need to work on that. But, It really doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’ve put my entire adult life into this, there is no turning back, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s like any other journey, and though I’ve struggled big time, this is the only struggle that has given me something back. Maybe not money yet, but an escape from misery is worth its weight in gold. I could not put it in different words, though I honestly hate to write things like this. Kind of took a different turn from where it started, which was a battle against myself.

So all of you struggling with you’re drawing, or painting, maybe you are in the middle of a project or commission that is getting on your last nerve, Maybe you are just learning to draw, and are really getting upset about it, or struggling. This stuff takes years, and you know it. But, remember this is supposed to be fun, so keep at it. Don’t give up and rob yourself of the possibilities.

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