Dec 7, 2010

Finally taking this selling thing seriously.

The biggest change in my life was when I decided to take my art seriously. I’ve learned much and improved my skill beyond my wildest dreams. I still have much work to do, but I see the improvements now.

Now I’m taking selling it seriously for the first time. Sure I’ve made a little bit of money here and there, but I mean, I’m really smacking myself in the head, this time, and saying, “lets do this!” Just selling work here there is not cutting it anymore. This is what I want to do.

On this end of art, I’m just starting out. It has always been so scary. Yet another irrational fear, because its not like I have anything to lose,

Now if I can just find the time to pull them all out because of the 900 things I’m normally working on. This is supposed to be a wonderful problem but its not. To have so many ideas and so little time. It’s killing me, I just want them out. I’m excited about them, and know I’m going to struggle with them, oh I know I’ll struggle.

I’m not going to give up on “school” though. I’m always trying to up the level.


Anonymous said...

Morgie you can do it! just think positive.

Morganna said...

awww (HUGS) Thanks Debs <3

I'm plugging along!