Nov 9, 2010

Introversion and blogging.

Blogging has not been easy for me. I started full steam ahead, and then literally froze. This is ridiculous given the fact that I am at home, comfortable, and behind my computer.

Of course, I’m not giving up. Selling yourself is apart of being an artist, and a fact of life. Despite how I am, I do have the desire to express myself visually and verbally.

I used to never have a problem maintaining an online presence, I was once extraverted online if not in person, and I never gave it a second thought. I don’t know what happened to me, it may of been all the trouble in my life that caused all of this fear.

I must confess, that this has affected more then just blogging, and has spilled into my entire online life. I lurk where I used to speak, I lurk where I would have spoken, and although I read many, many blogs, websites, and web magazines, I’m afraid to comment anymore.There is this irrational fear that my input will be unwelcomed. I have a pretty full RSS feeder that I enjoy. This is crazy.

But, this is not introversion, as there is nothing wrong with the need to be alone, and I do desire to be alone most of the time. I’m becoming increasingly more shy. That's bad. Especially online, the very thought of it is completely irrational!

I have given this allot of thought, and enough is enough. If I enjoy it, I’m going at least try, fear be damned. How am I going to do this? By pretending I don’t care, the power of suggestion. I may be this way offline, but I’ll be damned if this crap is going to take over the rest of my life. Its an inner need more then a want. If what I say turns out awkward, or just plain weird, so what. And who knows, this might spill over into other parts of my life.

This might take a little time, or no time at all, but I am optimistic because I’ve actually written this post in record time.

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hmmm weird that I was still getting comment spam. :S

Oh I had to set comments for moderation too. Sorry about that guys, got tired of picking out spam. :(