Oct 25, 2010

Comment spam is getting pretty bad.


I am assaulted at least 6 times a day, and its turning into 10, some times more. I used to never get any, I don’t understand the new surge of comment spam. Some are really clever and pretend to be a real person, others are super obvious bots. 

My original intent was to make my comment section free to allow users posts to show instantly, un moderated, and allow people to be anonymous. 

I really don’t know what to do, so many slip past the spam filter, and they seem to come at me from every angle. It really is driving me nuts, not the amount, but the ones that slip through.

I really appreciate comments, and am against censorship, and respect the fact that some people may wish to remain anonymous. But, I’m about forced to either moderate them, or turn on the dreaded word verification. I just have to decide which option has the worse draw backs.

Note, I have already turned comment moderation on old posts on. I’m super bummed about this too, So feel free to comment on any post new or old and I will approve your post ASAP! This will be on here until I figure out what the new blog order is going to be. :(

Yeah, I’m pretty irritated that this is preventing me from having the blog I really wanted.

Damn all you spam bots! DAMN YOU ALL!

Feels good to finally work the courage up to write in here again. Yeah I got scared and froze up after a pretty good reboot. I will not give up though. I just need to keep myself from burning out, and not be so full speed ahead. I normally have a really, really long to do list that only gets bigger before it gets smaller.

Anyhow, this is a good time to tackle this since I’m still trying to choose a new layout, and clean some things up around here. I still want to embed my comments and have them work, rather then the annoying pop out box.

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