Oct 18, 2010

Coffee lovers gifts from my digital painting.

Here is a digital painting I created for zazzle. It depicts a steamy cup of coffee in the center of a warm yellow background.

I painted this in Corel painter, with artist oils for the cup and some digital chalk for the frame and back ground of the greeting card. The greeting says “Lets get together.” I had meant it to be a coffee invitation to a friend.

On the card, that is my handwriting done in impasto goopy. Yeah, that was probably not a great idea. Yes, I can draw, but I don’t have the worlds greatest handwriting.

If you would like to purchase any of my coffee gifts, please click on the picture and it will take you to my zazzle shop.

I would also like to thank every one who purchased my coffee time magnets, and the postage stamps. Your support and interest in my work truly means the world to me. *Giant Hugs!* 

The greeting card

Lets get together card
Lets get together by Morganna
Get a card from Zazzle

Coffee time Postage

Coffee time Magnet

Coffee time Mug

Got to have a coffee mug, if your going to paint a mug.

This is so you can coffee with your coffee, while you have your coffee. Ignore me, I’m just being dorky.

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