Sep 14, 2010

Mecha Bob Ross

Mecha Bob Ross

Mecha Bob Ross, by Shannon Fleet 

9” X 12” graphite on bristol vellum.

This is Mecha Ross, painting himself, who is painting happy trees in an apocalyptic waste land. The idea came from a friend of mine. Pulling The idea together was a challenge. I am pleased with the results! Hear that, I said I am pleased!

This drawing, has changed the direction of what kind of art I want to make. At least for my big projects.

It was awesome, like a giant kick in the head. I want to think of the image, before there is any point of reference, then pull it all together. I will have no limits.

I kind of get frustrated when I want to create something, but can’t pull what I really want out of my head. This is a new development for me. If I pulled this off, I know I can do it again. Big AH HA moment here!

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