Aug 23, 2010

Skull and rose

Skull and rose 

Skull and rose, by Shannon Fleet

9”x 12” color pencil.

This was my first color pencil practice. UGH, I hated working with them. HAHHAHA! There might as well be blood, sweat and tears embedded into this drawing. Much flogging indeedy!

I don’t know if you will ever see another color pencil out of me again. Ok, all lies, I will use them up, then you will never see it again.

Kudo’s to all who love this medium. I am unworthy.


April Sadowski said...

Great work! I know the reference photo (I did a digital painting of it) and it just asking to be drawn (great composition).

Morganna said...

Thanks a bunch April! I'd love to see your painting if you could steer me in its direction. OH yeah A friend brought me to the attention to the reference and I swooooned. :D