Nov 16, 2008

My foot

My foot, by Shannon Fleet (Morganna)

Graphite Drawing.
I don't know what size this is, because it's one of my sketch book drawings. A drawing I still actually have in my hands!

This was part of a weekly drawing challenge I used to participate in. Probably, 20+ artists drew or painted my little foot. I'm pretty damn proud of that! Yes, I am vain about my feet. They are cute, little, and have perfect symmetry! I can wear kid shoes! But most of the time I wear 5 or 5 1/2. In heals it has to be a size 4 1/2.

In the collection of the artist, and attached to her ankle.


Barb Hartsook said...

I think feet and hands are difficult to draw. Maybe that's because I've studied faces -- they're available to stare at -- and feet are some seldom visible. But I know my kids' hands and feet -- could pick them out of any line-up. They have personality.

You have a pretty foot... I like this drawing for the composition as well as the detail. Love graphite drawings.

I wish you well as you try to "catch up." I think I learned several years ago to just pick up and go from where I am -- there are not enough hours in any one day to do the catch-up AND the day's work.

Love the last line. In the collection of... :)


Morganna said...

Thank you Barb! :)

Whew yeah, this one was not an easy one for me. I'm used to doing faces, also. I still have this trouble with hands though, well and the rest of the body, but I'm working on it.

Yeah, as far as catch up goes, I had a couple of weeks where my other halfs family was keeping me from the PC, and wow, I've had the worst cold imaginable that I'm just now recovering from. I had some rhythm going on with the blog but the drawing marathons, family, and sickness knocked me right off it. lol!

Take care!