Oct 19, 2008

True Love

True Love, by Shannon Fleet, (Morganna)

9" X 12" Graphite, and charcoal drawing.
I drew this on commission for a friend. This is of her Mom and her mom's significant other. From all the photos she gave me to choose from, they both seemed to just love each other, and they look really happy! So I gave it the name, True Love.

In private collection.


adifferentstory said...

Your art never ceases to amaze me. The rose although not a traditional painting is my favourite. I feel it must be harder to work in digital without a graphics tablet than it is to work with oils.

Morganna said...

Thanks Lynne! :D

Yeah, it is harder with the mouse. But, other then smell I don't find it much different. well, mess too, I can make a huge mess when I oil paint! lol. Sometimes I get paint on stuff, and wonder how it got there.

Well you know about messy. Since your a pretty damn good artist your self. <3

lol, I'll bet your messier then me! SIKE! hahaha, I can't help not being goofy in my comment boxes.

I need help! :D hahhaha!

adifferentstory said...

I am a messy artist LOL All my closes have some form of paint or gel medium on them LOL

Morganna said...

LOL! I have a red, satin night shirt that I paint in. The sleeves are encrusted with many colors, it's pretty funny. I'm about to put it into retirement and think of something else comfy to wear.