Oct 18, 2008

Soft Pink Rose

Soft Pink Rose, by Shannon Fleet, (Morganna)

3.5" X 2.5" Digital oil painting. Painted with Corel Painter.
I have really fallen in love with digital painting. I wish I had the money for a tablet, but gotta go with a mouse for awhile.

This painting was made for my little shop, so the actual original is not available. It is however for sale on various gifts. I will post those in the future.

When I digital paint, I use no filters, no dodge or burn tools. I paint them no different then I would paint a traditional oil painting. Also, much like everything else I create, it was all free hand. This one painfully so because I had to use the mouse.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Shannon. I can't believe you did that with a mouse. My hand would cramp up big time if I tried to do that.

Morganna said...

Thanks Mellanie! <3

Yeah, hahah, it's not easy. I will be getting a tablet some day. oh I can't wait! lol.

Barb Hartsook said...

Oh I hope you'll get that tablet soon. You are exceptional... I love painting from a blank canvas with my 1000+ brush choices using the wacom tablet and pen(s).

You even have the tiny water droplets! But of course, the painting is larger than the jpeg??? I'll watch for more digital paintings by you. By the way, which brushes did you use (with your mouse)?

Morganna said...

why, thank you Barb! haha, I don't have much brush choice I'm afraid. I need to go in and actually save, the brushes I customize. Because, what I have always done just takes so long.

I used custom brushes that I did not save really. I tried to re create the strokes I've always made with oils. I used a combo, of the oils, the artist oils, and those little droplets you see are the impasto setting. :) I just tried to keep it smooth in the back, and do a few chunkier strokes here and there toward the front, along with cleaner color to make it pop out, along with some harder edges toward the front.

This one is 3.5" X 2.5 inches, roughly the size of a baseball card. I do allot of miniature work, on and off the computer and have gotten way too used to it! LOL, I've been working back in larger of late. My current digi oil is kind of a fantasy/imagination work, it's original size is 18 inches by 22. The largest I've done in any medium.

Thanks again for stopping by. <3