Oct 23, 2008

Online art communities: Scribble Talk

This is the third article on online artist communities. Please check out the other two as well. No matter what kind of visual artist you are, I highly recommend you visit many art communities. The greater your pool of information, the better.

Let's look at Scribble Talk.

It's a much smaller community, geared toward drawing. It has 1,714, members, 109,734, posts, and 5,390 threads.

Where it lacks in the size, it delivers in it's rich knowledge of all things drawing. It features, color pencils, graphite, pastels, pastel pencils, as well as mixed media, and other drawing media.This site certainly has allot of drawing education to offer, and houses a bunch of amazing artists! I even recognize some people from other art communities. It is a small world after all, well at least on the Internets.

I would really like to see this site grow. Even though It has allot to give, I think it's growth would make it one of the best. Then again, there is a certain intimacy with a small community that gets lost within a massive membership. I find this community to be a great resource, and an underrated artist watering hole.

If you would like to give scribble talk a visit, here is the link: Scribble Talk


genxsters said...

Thanks for the link Morganna. I just joined. I recognized a few colored pencil artists I admire. Maybe I'll catch you over there.

Morganna said...

Thanks! :D Ahh, I'm so glad you like it! It really is a good community.

I've done allot of lurking though, and not really talking. I've still been settling in since I lost my net connection over last winter. Hey throw me a PM! :D I'm Morganna everywhere If I can help it.

There are allot of amazing artists there, and yes I recognize many of them from back in the old days of Wetcanvas! :)