Oct 16, 2008

Miniature, mosaic boot

Mosaic Boot, by Shannon Fleet, (Morganna)

2.5" X 3.5" Recycled, paper mosaic.
This was experimental, and my first attempt at this. I must say that I enjoy making them.

The tiles are basically tiny, flecks of catalog, and magazine. Unlike a collage, I decided instead of cutting out an image, that I could cut up the image and make my own. I will explain this whole process in another post, just to keep this brief.

The next step is to figure out a way to make them more light fast and archival, while still recycling junk mail, before I can go on to more ambitious projects.


Barb Hartsook said...

Love your blog, your web site, your coffee products, and of course your art work! I will be back!

I wish I knew how to tell you to protect your mosaic -- it's certainly worth protecting.

I'm looking forward to seeing your digital oil paintings.


Barb Hartsook said...

Forgot to mention how very much I love your blog's theme... feels like home. :) Especially with all your coffee products.

My blog's topics are all offered "Over Coffee." :)

Morganna said...

Hi Barb, and thanks for your visit! :)

Yes, I'm still researching on how to protect it. I'm thinking when I do that I'm going to create a 9x12 size, but with the same size tiles. That should be interesting, and will probably take months! hahha!

Thanks again Barb for your kind words about my work! I will be posting some of them to here soon. I'm also working on a new one.

I love coffee! :D I drink four to six cups a day and I'm not joking! hahah! I'm going to check your blog out!


Anonymous said...

just passing through but wanted to say hi, I lived in Athens for about a dozen years. Cheers!

Morganna said...

Hi Pirancafe! I just moved here six months ago! :D

Wow, it's a small world. Cheers!