Oct 2, 2008

Looking for a few good artists.

I'm Looking for artists to show off and brag about on here! Do you want me to show off your work and promote your gallery or site? Drop me an email.
This blog is new, and I've already been asking some people if I can show their work and talk about them here. But, I figured it would be good to drop a post about it to make my life a little easier.
Here are my requirements:
  1. No spam. I'll bet I'll get this anyway. 
  2. I have to like your art.
  3. Any medium and style may apply, go on try me, there is allot that I like. 
  4. If you do not know me, tell me about you, so that I have something to write about. 
  5. Send me a link to your site, or gallery, or both. Tell me what are your five favorite pieces.
  6. If you send me a link to something that gives me spy ware, I will come back to haunt you!
Fine art, concept art, fantasy, Whimsical, sculpture, handmade jewelry, or photography, just try me!
I cannot guarantee that I will like your work, or get a chance to show you. I have to like the art, because I cannot show what I don't care about. If you know me, and I haven't asked you, I'm a pretty shy person so I hope you don't take it personally and let me know that you would like me to show your work.
Also, If I'm going to brag about you, be sure you convert the images to be shown to an easy  blog sized, low res images, This is to protect them from image thieves. I have to worry about that with my own images too. It's a double edged sword. A low res image cannot be mass reproduced.75dpi, to 100dpi is ideal. Upload them into a private photobucket album of your own, and provide me the links so that I can post them with my article.
Also, provide me with any information you want me to talk about.
Thanks guys!


Shea said...

well welcome and hi

Morganna said...

Hello there! :)