Oct 3, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Lynne Turnbull

For my first artist spotlight I present the art of, Lynne Turnbull. She hails from Hertfordshire UK, She works in a wide range of media, from encaustics to hand crafted jewelry, but her specialty is collage. She started her artistic career as a graphic artist, now she works for herself.

8" x 8", Medium, acrylic paint, vintage book images, glimmer mist, acrylic gloss gel medium, mica powder, distress ink, soldered edges.

Of the five, Antomica is my favorite. I love the use of deep, warm color, and being an anatomy fan, the vintage medical images draw me in the picture plane further, with her flowing composition. Available, please see below for information on contacting the artist for this piece.

Anatomica 2
7"x5" inch, Medium, acrylic paint, vintage book images, acrylic gloss gel medium, acrylic ink, distress ink, soldered edges. Second in the Anatomica series. Available.

Ice and fire
8"x8", Medium, acrylic paint, encaustic art on gold mirror card, acrylic gloss gel medium, soldered edges. Available.

The picture does not do this one justice. If you've ever seen encaustic art in person, you would know what I'm talking about. Swirls, and slashes of bright, vivid color! You simply become lost in their folds. The individual strokes almost have a three dimensional quality to them.

Birds in Paradise
2.5"x 3.5", Medium, background paper, collage images, rubber stamp, distress ink, acrylic matt gel medium. Private collection.

Deep in thought
2.5"x 3.5", Medium, background paper, vintage Japanese text, collage images, distress ink, acrylic matt gel medium. Private collection.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the available art, please contact Lynne Turnbull, at lynneturnbull@gmail.com

Or visit her web page and blog to learn more about her.

The Art and Craft addict

Altered ArtWorld

Thanks, Lynne for letting me show your work!


Erik said...

Like these. Thanks for sharing.

Morganna said...

Thank you, Erik. Glad you stopped by! :)