Oct 28, 2008

Al's Chucks

Al's Chucks, by Shannon Fleet, (Morganna)

3.5" X 2.5" Graphite Drawing.I drew this piece from life, from one of Al's shoes. I do have a thing for shoes, and have made allot of drawings and paintings of them. Al is my dear, sweet significant other. I only have one portrait of him, and it is terrible! He simply cannot sit still for more then thirty seconds. But, I love the tar out of him.


Barb Hartsook said...

Well, his shoe will have to do then -- at least it's not going anywhere without his foot in it. Ha!

You are so accomplished with the pencil... and I love shoes too. Their wear suggests the intensity, as well as the possible activities, of the wearer.

Morganna said...

hahha, yeah, I do have a hard time getting him to sit down for a drawing. He's not a very big art head. I show him a drawing to get his honest feed back on it, and he doesn't even know what to say, lol. He is so far removed from art.

Oh, the pencil is my favorite tool. It's portability is a plus for me. I've been known to throw a few in my purse and doodle aimlessly when I'm bored or have to sit and wait at places. Thanks Barb!