Sep 29, 2008

The Sketch Book

Here are some of my unfinished work and sketches. Some I didn't finish, because they were for my own practice, and self flogging. I figured they deserved to see the light of day for a change.


adifferentstory said...

Beautiful work Morgie even though it's unfinished, You really should carry on and finish them.

Lynne xxx

Morganna said...

You are the sweetest woman in the whole world! you know that don't you! lol! Ahhh, some of them but one is not even here in Ohio! lol. I have allot of sketch books! :D some are are on the loose filed away in my flat boxes. Watch out! They are on the lose and will steal your foods! Ok, didn't I just say I wasn't going to be a silly weirdo in my blog? Well, that really doesn't count for comments. LOL!



Missy said...

The mermaid is my favorite, very sensual.

Morganna said...

Thank you very much,Missy! :)