Sep 28, 2008

The great reboot

A long time ago, I made another blog similar to this one. It is much the same in that they are both about art, and they have the same URL and name. This one will have my art in it, but It will showcase other peoples work. I seriously doubt anyone remembers the last one anyhow.

The last blog, however also had me moaning about life, bitching, and spewing negativity everywhere. The art blog I had sought to create had become a place to release frustration and hurts. With any luck, there will be none of that here. I am also going to try to stifle my silly, childish nature. I'm trying to be serious here after all! There are plenty of other places to do that. Also, since life is allot worse now, I just do not want to talk about it.

I'm using the same name because art might as well be my left leg, or the air I breath. It might not make much sense, but the name has allot of meaning behind it for me, and I'm not willing to get rid of it.

Allot has changed since then, online and off. I will leave offline where it belongs! The artist trading card site, Atcards, had closed down for good. It happened sometimes before I had gotten my Internet connection back. The administrator, Avie and I, are no longer on speaking terms. A new artist trading card site rose from the ashes, ATC's for all. In my opinion the real force behind the old site are rightfully sitting on their thrones, and are doing one hell of a job. But, I will speak about that later on.

I'm not making anymore trading cards right now. I might not ever, but I haven't really decided yet. Who knows, I could make a few here and there. It's time I concentrated on other things, bigger work and selling more.

There are some people that I know that will call me an uber nerd for wanting to do this again. Well I'm not editing Wikipedia yet, and I don't watch Star Trek, so there is still hope for me!


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