Sep 30, 2008

Art is underrated

It is my opinion that much of the visual art today is underrated. Where did all the appreciation go?

Art is important in any sophisticated society. Without it we are all grunts that eat sleep, hunt, and reproduce. Great art is what divides us from the animals. We find the need to create, dance, paint, write, draw, bead, and sing. The people who do create would feel sick, and depressed if they were prevented from creating. We eat and breath this stuff!

Struggling artists don't sell their work for 40k dollars. They can't, they don't have that kind of clout like the big boys in the major art scene. But, they work hard to try to get there! There is this miserable misconception that art is only for the elite. So, the masses will file into their local Wally's World, and buy a decent enough framed print to decorate their homes. Or worse, go into the Bombay company at their local mall and drop $100 dollars for the same thing. Personally, I'd rather buy a music, or movie poster and frame it then to drop $100 bucks for a print on cardboard. At least when I look at the poster I can think of my favorite film, or music.

See, I'm not an art snob, or an elitist, by any stretch of the imagination. But, you can buy a real painting of the same size from a struggling artist for the same, or less. Sometimes, even for $50. There will be no image in the world like it, you have the only one. If by luck, that if artist becomes a big boy of the art scene, you will be lucky too. What happens when an artist gets famous, is that everything they ever made suddenly becomes genius! That $50 dollar painting could be worth thousands.

I'm not crapping on the big boys either. If you are reading this and you are very wealthy, there is no better investment then the art of the big name artists. If you are wealthy and you don't buy art, I would be personally offended.

There is allot of competition in the art world, but we artists do like to stick together. If you've ever watched Antiques Road Show, you know what I mean. Art is always worth more then the other stuff. I wish I can remember the episode, but the guys advice to art as an investment was not only to do your research, but no matter how big the name, if you buy what you personally appreciate, and could be proud to hang on the wall of your home, then you cannot go wrong. If the investment never grows the fruit you thought it would, then you at least have something you care about.



Rob said...

I came from a small town with a tight-knit group of artists who struggled to be appreciated. It's finally happening now, even in a blue-collar city like Green Bay, WI.

Morganna said...

That is wonderful, Rob! It is really good to know that a greater appreciation is growing, even in small town America. It's a good thing too, because I moved from the DC area, to a small town. :)