Aug 6, 2011

Little pot, apple and pot charcoal and graphite study.


a little pot2.

9” X 12” graphite and charcoal, drawn by Shannon Fleet.

Just a little drawing I made last year as a gift. I just plum forgot to post it, I don’t know why. I really needed the practice too.

Aug 2, 2011

I guess google says, I'm no longer Morganna! LOL

For some reason, my blogger name is now my full name! HA! Oh well, I put my full name on here anyway for the sake of my art. But, I figured I'd let people know its me, Morganna making these comments on here!

Of course, I don't like to be forced into anything like this. Everyone who knows me knows I'm Morganna anyway, and the other way around, but...ugh, an aggravating surprise.  

Because I had trouble switching my account over to my new gmail address, not all of the forwarded emails are coming through right, so I'm switching to the dreaded captcha DUN DUN DUN!

I really hate to do that, but with the big move to Dayton, and all the bad stuff. I don't want to talk about it. Been bad around here, real bad, The comment moderation went by the way side. I hope the spam doesn't slip its way through, so I'm giving the other way a shot again.
Been back painting again, but slow going, and getting some things done with zazzle. I'll keep you all posted, but I'm a little behind with everything. Correction, I'm allot behind on everything. Heh! 

Feb 26, 2011

A simple plan to eventual success.

Failure is only possible if you give up.

I don’t plan on giving up, I enjoy what I do. True, I probably flog myself a little too much, and I need to work on that. But, It really doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’ve put my entire adult life into this, there is no turning back, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s like any other journey, and though I’ve struggled big time, this is the only struggle that has given me something back. Maybe not money yet, but an escape from misery is worth its weight in gold. I could not put it in different words, though I honestly hate to write things like this. Kind of took a different turn from where it started, which was a battle against myself.

So all of you struggling with you’re drawing, or painting, maybe you are in the middle of a project or commission that is getting on your last nerve, Maybe you are just learning to draw, and are really getting upset about it, or struggling. This stuff takes years, and you know it. But, remember this is supposed to be fun, so keep at it. Don’t give up and rob yourself of the possibilities.

Feb 9, 2011

Want art advice? Lose time with EmptyEasel


Empty Easel screen shot


The empty easel is so awesome, that when you first visit, it really will render your easel empty. This is because you will be at this site scratching deep within the archives, soaking the information in.

I’ve been checking it daily on my RSS reader ever since the first time I found it. And I literally dug way back looking for what I might of missed. How often do you find a place like that?

*opens trench coat* IF you want it, they got it! Its got art tutorials, business advice, blogging advice, selling advice, debate and opinion, interviews, you name it, and it’s all related to art.

However there is a down side to Emptyeasel besides the fact that you can drop an entire day there. Also, there is no way to interact with an article. Not that I do this often but, I enjoy reading comment strings, even really long ones. Not only that, but sometimes golden information can be dug out of the comment hole.

Oh the upside if you click on the writers name, most times it will take you to their blog, where most of the time the writer has posted their article on their site too! Comment strings are like digging up juicy bits of gossip, or being a fly on the wall for me. This site makes up for it in awesomeness, so its really only a minor gripe. At some point they probably raged and pulled their hair out from comment spam like I have. This HAS to be the reason!

If you are an information hoarder like I am, you have to see this site.

Feb 5, 2011

Anubis graphite drawing

For Web Anubispup

Here is my latest work, but I finished it some weeks ago, 8 x 10” drawn with graphite puppy dog drawing. I did break out the new derwent onyx pencils towards the end of it. My juicy new shipment of art supplies had arrived. I couldn’t help it.

I will post progress pics of my latest painting in the works when I get a much smaller file saved of that. I do have one of Anubis, but the picture I took was horrible, I should have gotten off my lazy butt and scanned it.

Dec 7, 2010

Finally taking this selling thing seriously.

The biggest change in my life was when I decided to take my art seriously. I’ve learned much and improved my skill beyond my wildest dreams. I still have much work to do, but I see the improvements now.

Now I’m taking selling it seriously for the first time. Sure I’ve made a little bit of money here and there, but I mean, I’m really smacking myself in the head, this time, and saying, “lets do this!” Just selling work here there is not cutting it anymore. This is what I want to do.

On this end of art, I’m just starting out. It has always been so scary. Yet another irrational fear, because its not like I have anything to lose,

Now if I can just find the time to pull them all out because of the 900 things I’m normally working on. This is supposed to be a wonderful problem but its not. To have so many ideas and so little time. It’s killing me, I just want them out. I’m excited about them, and know I’m going to struggle with them, oh I know I’ll struggle.

I’m not going to give up on “school” though. I’m always trying to up the level.

Nov 17, 2010

The digital sketch book

Mistress of prey

Mistress of prey? I think by, Shannon Fleet

I have no idea where this is going, but it will go somewhere.

I don’t know if I should call it a doodle, finished, or what. I’m diddling with it. There may even be two versions of it. I love a clean line drawing. This will probably be painted or something. Might even show up in zazzle.